Gateway to Desert

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Welcome back to the exciting tour in one of the most ancient cities of Uzbekistan! Due to the dryness of the weather and its location near the deserts, Khiva is given another name as “The Gateway to Desert”.

In the video by Euronews below, you will be able to see the old city of Khiva in the brightest colors possible and listen to the beautiful stories about its history, culture and traditions.

Now I invite you to visit Khiva and witness its precious historical heritage together with everyday life of its citizens.


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Dear friends! Today we are in the city, which is as old as our current era. The very first site included in the World Heritage list from Uzbekistan is also located in this city. Welcome to Khiva, the heart of Kharezm region!

The ancient city’s name carries such interesting legends that I decided to share one of them with you:

To everyone, who has visited Khiva, is known that there is a famous water source in the city. Its taste was so unique that people said “Khey Vah!” (“How nice!”) when they drank and thus appeared the name Khiva…

Lyab-i Hauz

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I guess you have not seen this place in any of the previous videos about the city of Bukhara. This huge pond, which is surrounded by beautiful buildings is literally downtown Bukhara.

Unlike most of other city centers, which usually have a huge square, Bukhara’s is different. Instead of a big blank territory for rollerskating and so on, there stands a pond, which is why the name is “Lyab-i Hauz” or “By the Pond” in Uzbek.

The pond is surrounded by several architectural masterpieces, the most famous of which are Kokaldosh Madrasah, Nadir Divan Begi Madrasah and Nadir Divan Begi Khanaka.

Besides the buildings said above, you will also see the monument for the legendary character of Asian humor, Khodja Nasreddin.

3 in 1

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I have introduced you guys to three main touristic spots of Uzbekistan. The three main cities, which the one must definitely recognize in order to be able to say: “I know about Uzbekistan”.

It is worth to note that each of those cities is pretty big and you may need a whole load of time to explore them. What to do then if you are short of time?

Here is a great solution: take a 3 in 1 tour for your weekend in Uzbekistan! Those three cities above are waiting for you to visit at least for short weekend’s time. The professional tour agents are all ready to organize that “impossible” adventure for you, so take advantage of it!

Round Run

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I can say nothing but WOW! I have not seen any better recording of Bukhara city than this video clip! Now a bit of introduction on the singer:

She is not a usual singer, but also a fashion designer of national apparels, ambassador of Uzbekistan in international events, active politician and after all, the princess of the country – daughter of Uzbekistan’s one and only president!

It is incredible how she manages to be involved in all said above. Indeed, her efforts in promoting tourism in the country, taking its culture and traditions to the world class are huge. The video clip below is one of the perfect examples of her patriotism!

Bukhara Virtual Tour

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Just as our usual little tradition, I will now take you to the virtual tour in the city of wonders. No matter how many details are given, it is not as clear and enjoyable as visiting the certain destination or at least take a look at it through live adventures virtually.

Since, it takes some time and preparations to realize the first option, all we will do for now is to enjoy watching this beautiful video about Bukhara. So, welcome again to Bukhara and get ready to explore the best of our destination!


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There is one city in Uzbekistan, whose name is always pronounced together with the great Samarkand. The city’s historical treasures are no less than Samarkand’s, since it has already reached the age of two thousand! So, dear friends, meet enchanting Bukhara!

This city is a place, where you will find yourself among the atmosphere of ancient times with masterpieces of architecture. It will be obvious that Bukhara was also one of the main cultural centers of Great Silk Road with its majesty. What I will do now is to go ahead and give you this link. Here you will be able to read a lot of interesting details, historical evidences about the city.

Explore Samarkand

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After the short introduction to the visit card of Uzbekistan, I felt it was necessary to take a closer look into the city. The beautiful memorials, buildings and the atmosphere around is so enchanting that it cannot be explained with words. It is much better to take at least a virtual tour though such videos as provided below.

However, once you get a chance to visit the city itself one day, the feelings will be even more different. Finding yourself in such a greatness is something, which can only be felt among the majestic walls of Tamerlan’s Motherland…

“Visit Card”

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I realize how hard it is to explain someone the little country you come from, especially if it is somewhere in Asia and has a name, which is hard to pronounce. The same happens when my Kyrgyz friends try to show the difference between Kurdistan and Kyrgyzstan to foreigners!

Uzbek people are also not exception to such cross-cultural experience. However, they have one advantage: as soon as %90 of foreigners hear the word Samarkand, everything gets crystal clear! Because Samarkand is one of the greatest  and famous cities in not only Central Asia, but also in the whole world!

Where do you think the world’s biggest leader, Great Tamerlan (Amir Temur) lived his all life? Yes, in Samarkand! How about one of the first scientists, who opened up so many ways in the field of astronomy, Mirzo Ulugbek? Also in Samarkand! By the way, his ancient observatory is still there in the city, so you can visit and feel yourself back in history…

“Stone City”

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Now it is time to introduce you guys to the mirror of Uzbekistan, the capital city – Tashkent! If to translate literally, Tash – stone, kent – city, means the Stone City. They connect the origin of this name to the fact that the territory is rich with stones, rather than fields for cultivation.

Nowadays, Tashkent is growing and getting modernized day by day and it is very difficult to recognize it every month of visit. Here, the video introduces the most famous sights of the city, so take a look and get ready for further virtual tours in future!