Notes, markings and tags

To understand XML, is useful to recall how you can celebrate or mark data. Documents created by people for centuries, and throughout this time, people made ​​notes in the documents. For example, school teachers often make notes in the works of students, pointing to the…

Language XML – Description of the technology

XML (Extensible Markup Language) – a new SGML-derived markup language documents, allowing different types of structure information, using an arbitrary set of instructions. Online application developers trying to practice using the new technology may be of interest specific issues related to the problems of creating,…


Universal background property allows you to set up to five simultaneous background characteristics. Values ​​can be in any order, the browser itself will determine which of them correspond to the desired property. For detailed discussion, see the information about each property separately. In CSS3 permissible…

Wondering looks like a gamer’s dream?????????

Extremely powerful gaming computer DigitalRazor Dominator Z, the basis of a 6-core processor, intel Core  i7 Extreme  with frequency 4.5. Ghz, maximum amount of RAM  64GB and water cooling system and 4-way SLI system 2x GeForce GTX TITAN Z. This is by far the most powerful gaming kompbter….


Excellent video to learn html coding! Everything is quite simple and easy to understand youtube