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There is one city in Uzbekistan, whose name is always pronounced together with the great Samarkand. The city’s historical treasures are no less than Samarkand’s, since it has already reached the age of two thousand! So, dear friends, meet enchanting Bukhara!

This city is a place, where you will find yourself among the atmosphere of ancient times with masterpieces of architecture. It will be obvious that Bukhara was also one of the main cultural centers of Great Silk Road with its majesty. What I will do now is to go ahead and give you this link. Here you will be able to read a lot of interesting details, historical evidences about the city.

Explore Samarkand

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After the short introduction to the visit card of Uzbekistan, I felt it was necessary to take a closer look into the city. The beautiful memorials, buildings and the atmosphere around is so enchanting that it cannot be explained with words. It is much better to take at least a virtual tour though such videos as provided below.

However, once you get a chance to visit the city itself one day, the feelings will be even more different. Finding yourself in such a greatness is something, which can only be felt among the majestic walls of Tamerlan’s Motherland…

“Visit Card”

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I realize how hard it is to explain someone the little country you come from, especially if it is somewhere in Asia and has a name, which is hard to pronounce. The same happens when my Kyrgyz friends try to show the difference between Kurdistan and Kyrgyzstan to foreigners!

Uzbek people are also not exception to such cross-cultural experience. However, they have one advantage: as soon as %90 of foreigners hear the word Samarkand, everything gets crystal clear! Because Samarkand is one of the greatest  and famous cities in not only Central Asia, but also in the whole world!

Where do you think the world’s biggest leader, Great Tamerlan (Amir Temur) lived his all life? Yes, in Samarkand! How about one of the first scientists, who opened up so many ways in the field of astronomy, Mirzo Ulugbek? Also in Samarkand! By the way, his ancient observatory is still there in the city, so you can visit and feel yourself back in history…

“Stone City”

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Now it is time to introduce you guys to the mirror of Uzbekistan, the capital city – Tashkent! If to translate literally, Tash – stone, kent – city, means the Stone City. They connect the origin of this name to the fact that the territory is rich with stones, rather than fields for cultivation.

Nowadays, Tashkent is growing and getting modernized day by day and it is very difficult to recognize it every month of visit. Here, the video introduces the most famous sights of the city, so take a look and get ready for further virtual tours in future!

Welcome to Uzbekistan!

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When the one makes a visit to Central Asia, it is impossible to leave it without seeing one of its main pearls – Uzbekistan! This is the country, which is full of wonderful treasures, beauty and history.

Each of its city has so many things to show, either from the past or the elements of modernity. Below is a short video to get a general picture of this beautiful country. Once you watch the introduction, it will be clear why they is also called as the center of a Great Silk Road!


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Looking at the photo, you guys are probably feeling as if this is not the first time you see this topic, remembering paragliding. However, please do not make a conclusion too quick, because hang-gliding is actually an absolutely another world of adventures!

Here you will feel more like a bird, since you are facing the ground, not sitting as if on a chair. Another difference is that it takes less courage to take off from the ground on a hang-glider than jumping off from the plane at the height of 2000 or more meters!

So, here is the thing: if you guys are also still hesitating whether or not risk a whole life to go for paragliding, try hang-gliding first! It will be a nice practice and quality time on the sky!


See it, Believe it!

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Having a great day, friends? I really hope so, because here is a little virtual present for you guys! Since I filled your minds with the idea of paragliding in Kyrgyzstan, I thought it would be a good idea to share an interesting video on this topic as well.

Here is a perfect presentation on this country’s “flying activity”. It gives all possible details of this sport starting from where they start, how they take off and up to how the process goes. Enjoy it and love it!


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Did you not say: “You feel like flying, so what?” after my last post about paragliding tours? I am definitely supposed to finish my task till the end, which means to let you guys know where to realize that dream of flying and how.

So, my very first advise would be to check out the places around Kyrgyzstan, since you can see the best virgin peaks in this country only. There are two mountain ranges for you: Tian Shan the Celestials and Pamir. To make it easier to make orientation, I will remind you of Suusamyr valley. That is where you could go heli-skiing in winters. Now it is almost the middle of spring and the valley prepares itself for the lovers of greenness in nature and for those who would like to enjoy its beauty from above!

All you will have to do is to consult with local tour companies and pick the most suitable tour out according to your time, the amount of people you would like to go with and so on!

Birds flying high, you know how I feel…

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I wonder in which part of the world each of you guys are, but here I feel the smell of spring! Finally, after the longest season of the year, the cold winters and snowfalls, here comes gorgeous spring with its sunshine, which in turn fills our souls with light! It s such a great feeling hard to describe!

It gives a person such a desire to embrace the beauty of nature, shout out loud about how enchanting it is or sing it in the most beautiful songs possible! Sometimes it is not enough to speak out – the soul wants to fly high above! Well, let me tell you: it is not impossible, at all, especially in this weather and this period of the year!

Just like you guessed, it is time to go for paragliding!!! Yeah, exactly! This is how I feel and it is exacty what I feel like doing!

Need for Speed

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More on Shymbulak ski resort of Almaty today! This is one of the reasons, why I fell in love with that place: the snow condition is perfect and the people, who mastered the skiing and snowboarding skills show how much of fun it can be to go for it!

So, let us watch it together, and load up adrenaline! Believe me, as you look at the screen, you will have the feeling as if you are the one snowboarding!