Life on Mountains

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I have heard many people talking about their stays on the mountains and sleep-overs in yurts. Most of them were not really positive. They complained about horrible conditions (if there were at all) on the mountains and the cold weather, which made them stay up all night.

Hearing all of this, I even hesitate to go on with today’s topic, because it is about the people, who actually spend all their lives in those “horrible” conditions. Those people live on the roof of the world – Pamir mountain ranges. About 3000 meters above sea level is the place where they are still being able to survive! This video gives at least a bit of idea of how they make it:

Caravanserai on Silk Road

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I would have no doubts if you went into the spirit of Silk Road after visiting Osh Jayma Bazaar last time. How about continuing our Silk Road trips for longer, since this country hides treasures, much more than its size, from the great period of Silk Road? So, today we will be heading towards north part of Kyrgyzstan to Naryn province.

This province is one of the farthest from civilization region in the country. This makes it almost unbelievable that at the time of Silk Road’s prosperity, there was a hotel in that area! What I mean by this is the ancient caravanserai, called Tash-Rabat. It is really very hard to actually find that old inn among the hills and mountains of Naryn. Once you find, it may surprise you how great it looks despite so many centuries it went through. It is situated on the height of 3200 meters and served as a cozy shelter for the traders of foreign countries.

In some sources, it is said that Tash-Rabat was built as a Buddhist temple and later was turned into caravanserai. Others say that the local governor Muhammed Khan ordered its construction. Whatever the history is, the work is really worth praises. This is why tourists still keep visiting the place without worrying about the hardships on the way, just to experience the ancient Silk Road travels.

Welcome to Bazaar!

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We will go on exploring ancient Osh city and now it is time to introduce you to one of the must-see places there. Finding that famous place is not that hard – ask for Osh bazaar right on both sides of Ak Buura river, you will get there easy by any mini bus or taxi. Do not mind some pictures of it? Then click here!

Osh Bazaar is probably one of the first places the foreign visitors would love to see in the city, since this kind of bazaars are getting more and more rare and are being replaced by modern shopping malls and supermarket. Bazaar of Osh was able to remain till our days with the same spirit as in times of Great Silk Road. There are many walkways in that “labytrinth” of different shops filled with spices, sweets, fresh veggies and fruits, any kind of clothing and necessities for home – shortly said, EVERYTHING!

What else gives much joy during shopping in the bazaar is a chance of bargaining. Learning a couple words in Kyrgyz will not hurt either. Instead, it may even melt the local hearts and be more generous in bargaining!

3000 years back…

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Let the next of our tour be closer to the great walnut forests. The best place to visit around Jalal-Abad is Osh city! Any ideas to how old it can be? Incredible, but more than 3000 years!

Osh is the second largest city of the country, which is the reason why they also call it the second capital of Kyrgyzstan. Chinese historical scripts tell that the city existed that many centuries and since they are one of the most accurate ones, it is pretty easy to believe.

Osh is famous mainly for the ancient heritage, such as the sacred Suleiman mountain, the White house on the top of that very mount and eastern bazaars that still have the taste of ancient Silk Road.

Suleiman mountain is said to be named after the prophet Solomon and that many people used to have some rituals, such as tying a ribbon on its trees making a wish, sliding on the smooth rock to find cure for some sicknesses and so on. Inside the cave there is a nice museum, which can introduce you to the brief history, flora and fauna of the country.

Walnut Wonderland

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Who could have thought that one of the smallest countries of the world would have the largest walnut forest on Earth? Arslanbob Forest is that very place, located in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. It is the largest single source of walnuts in the world.

This unique forest is situated at the height of some 1,500 – 2,000 m. According to some researches, this walnut forest is not that old. Just about 2,000 years ago there grew other trees, such as junipers, birch trees, ashes. Enormous forest of walnuts appeared approximately 1,000 years ago.

Some legends say that the walnut forest was here already in the times of Alexander the Great (4th century BC) and Alexander brought a sack of walnuts back, to Greece, thus introducing this tree in Europe.

Trees in Arslanbob forest grow up to 150 – 200 years old and it is always exciting to see them in autumn when they bring fruits. Starting from October, the local people start harvest with friends and relatives, enjoying fun time together.

Ancient arts (2)

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Before talking about part two of Kyrgyz ncient arts, let me introduce you to its location first.

There is a beautiful tower called Burana, which is 75 km from the capital of the country Bishkek. It was about 44 meters high but because of seismic activity of the land, the upper part collapsed.

The tower was originally a center of ancient city – Balasagyn. Karakhanids dynasty built this city with perfect art as they came here to spread Islam. The city remained developed and flourished until Changez Khan invaded it and his troops caused the city’s destruction.

Adjacent to the tower is our destination – Bal-bals that are already 6-12 centuries old. These are the rock sculptures made from limestone and granite. They are found in many places in Kyrgyzstan but the biggest collection of them is the one near to Burana tower.

Ancient arts

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They say “If you want to do something, you will find time. If you don’t, then you’ll find a reason”. Seriously, if there is a wish, then everything is possible. This thought can be proven by the most ancient petroglyphs. People wanted to draw even when there was not even a pencil in the past, so they found a way: stones seemed like a perfect material for their art!


Saimaluu Tash (or Decorated Stones in Kyrgyz) is a petroglyph site in Jalal-Abad Province, Kyrgyzstan. Over 10,000 carved pictures have so far been identified, making the site a worldwide important rock-art collection. The findings are thought to date from 2000BC up into the middle ages. The site can be reached in about a day on foot or horseback, but only around the month of August. At other times, snow conditions make it hard to reach.


Saimaluu-Tash keeps many certain discoveries for biologist, ethnographers and even specialists in stone’s processing. There can be met “portraits” of elephants and lions – animals that are not quite typical for Tien-Shan mountains. It means that ancient artists saw them somewhere, or maybe they lived in those regions where these representatives of the fauna existed.


In some petroglyphs (stone drawings) modern scientists saw the ancient calendars, turning back to the darkness of centuries of the priests and cultivators, and even star maps as well.

Time to eat!

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The one can be so strong, dynamic and hyper, but there is something stronger than all of them – hunger! It is the very thing that turns a pussy cat into an angry lion! So, it must be really nice for us as well to slow down from extreme and take a look at some delicacies!

The same place where we had virtual heli tours last time offer some unique food and drinks, which are made to give a man more strength. The ones who spend their lives on mountains cannot imagine their lives without meat, so this product is used the most in every dish. Following source gives short description of Kyrgyzstan’s cuisine!

Let’s fly!

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As promised last time, I’ve been looking out for the most unique and extreme activities in Central Asia. There were so many cool things to do, such as hiking, diving or cycling somewhere beautiful. But I swear, for the first time in my life I found out that there is something else, called “heli-skiing”! If you are lucky enough to live in or somewhere close to Kyrgyzstan, then just go for it! Kyrgyzstan’s majestic mountain peaks, especially Khan Tengri are perfect for such heli tours. Hope you get the most adrenaline and make it the adventure of a lifetime!

Active vacations

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What else can be more fun than spending vacations somewhere new! For that, first of all, the one should actually have breaks that are long enough to travel even to the other side of the Earth. Yeah! This is what I wish for everybody and will do my best here to share some tips and suggestions about the best touristic spots and world trip packages.

As long as you are good at choosing the right thing to do, the vacation will be just a blast wherever you are. I figure, there is no need to tell you what to do in famous cities, such as Paris, London or New York, since they are too popular and just a presence in those cities will get you so excited. But imagine if you are in the middle of a valley in some Central Asian country! What in the world could you do there??

A LOT of things! You will now be surprised just like me! Just take a look at this source about the travel packages to Asia!