Shymbulak Ski Resort

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Would you guys ever believe, if I said that the video was taken in almost the beginning of summer! Just look at where those cool guys are having fun – in the middle of winter wonderland, which is just about an hour or even less from the downtown. That is actually that very amazing ski resort – Shymbulak in Almaty city of Kazakhstan.

Better to see once than hearing so many times. So, just thought it would be fun watching these guys and share their experience at least virtually first and then make the real trip, since we have 3 more months till may, huh!

Winters in Kazakhstan

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I think it is a good idea to take a look around for more adventures, for example outside Kyrgyzstan. And since winter is still here, we have time to talk about more plans of winter tours!

One of the options to check out is a beautiful and developing country of Central Asia – Kazakhstan. The country’s opportunities not only for its citizens, but also for tourists are increasing year by year.

As for the winter plans, there is a famous ski resort in a beautiful city of Almaty. They call the resort “Shymbulak”. That super cool recreational zone is equipped with the latest technologies, which lets the visitors enjoy the place as much as possible.

Here in the link below is the reviews and comments of tourists, who have been in Shymbulak ski resort. Take a look at them for more information and of course, photos of the place!


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There is almost nothing left of winter activities, since we have already covered the topics of skiing, skating and other possible sports for the season. So why not to add something else to the list, which in fact reminds me of my childhood.

I wojnder if you also enjoyed a slay ride as a kid? If so, then snowmobile should also sound as dear as slays from childhood. I love this sport of snowmobiling for the fact that it is both cool and extreme! It is the combination of tenderness of our past kids’ life and the fire in the teenager’s heart!

In Kyrgyzstan,

Ice Skating

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We will keep on exploring winter attractions of Kyrgyzstan. We have pretty much of an information about skiing opportunities of the country and now let me turn your focus to the “brother” of that sport – ice skating.

Skating rinks are not hard to find in Kyrgyzstan. Almost every city has one and Bishkek city’s skating rinks are competing one over another all year round.

Except for the indoor rinks, there are some unique places, which used to serve as a perfect field for skaters when there were not modern sport complexes. As you guessed, that is an open air rink on the lakes or huge ponds!

Uncle Tom’s Cabin is one of those unique places where you can go with your close ones and enjoy skating in fresh air. Let that place remind of old times when everyone was happy for winter and enjoyed it with family, friends and neighbors…

More Ski Resorts!

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I will keep on sharing the best infos of destinations for your winter breaks, friends I really hope that they will be useful for you, which will motivate me more in future!

So, thanks for Kyrgyzstan’s nature and its conditions, the number of cool ski resorts are not that few. The next ski resort is for those, who live in Bishkek and who do not, unfortunately, have time to travel  all the way to Karakol from the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

The base is known as “Orlovka” and it is probably one of the closest ones to the city. It is located just about 90 km from Bishkek and the levels there are all for professionals and the beginners at the same time.

The atmosphere there makes the visitor to come again and again, since it is so friendly, comfortable with all conditions available, starting from equipment rentals, international cuisine and wonderful nature around!

Winter vacations in KG

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No wonder that the beauty of Song-Kul, about which we talked last time, attracts so many people all year round. However, the REAL winter weather of the country does not want to allow anyone to reach that pearl of the mountains. So, gotta find some other distractions for winter. The perfect one would logically be the good winter resort!

In Kyrgyzstan it is so easy to enjoy winter. Even if there is no snow in downtown, it takes only an hour or so to drive to the mountains with perfect snow conditions. For instance, Ala-Archa gorge or Kashka-Suu if you are in Bishkek city, Karakol ski base if you are in Issyk Kul province and so on. All those destinations are separate topics to talk about.

If you are too lazy to drive that long, then the cities of Kyrgyzstan are rich with skating rinks ALL year round! So, the options are a lot and it is up to your creativity to make the best of winter vacations in this mountainous country!

Song-Kul nomads

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Pamir mountain range is not the only place where Kyrgyz nomads live. In Kyrgyzstan, there is a heavenly beautiful lake, called Song Kul. It is one of the highest alpine lakes in Kyrgyzstan and it is situated at more than 3000 meters above sea level. That lake is the place where most of nomads of the country live. Visit site in order to find out how to get there.

However, those people cannot be called as real nomads, since you can only see them in summer days. They have their own houses in usual suburbs or villages as well. After the freezing days of late autumn and winter start, they return to the “land” to keep warm. Even in summer, it is incredibly cold around the lake. The yurts (traditional tents) are not warm enough and there is not even electricity for lights either. So it is hard to imagine life in winter at all.

Many tourists visit Song Kul nowadays and most of them are ready to bear the hardships of the roads and cold nights for the sake of its beauty. Indeed, while going up the hills, it feels like you are going up to the clouds and walking among them!

Life on Mountains

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I have heard many people talking about their stays on the mountains and sleep-overs in yurts. Most of them were not really positive. They complained about horrible conditions (if there were at all) on the mountains and the cold weather, which made them stay up all night.

Hearing all of this, I even hesitate to go on with today’s topic, because it is about the people, who actually spend all their lives in those “horrible” conditions. Those people live on the roof of the world – Pamir mountain ranges. About 3000 meters above sea level is the place where they are still being able to survive! This video gives at least a bit of idea of how they make it:

Caravanserai on Silk Road

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I would have no doubts if you went into the spirit of Silk Road after visiting Osh Jayma Bazaar last time. How about continuing our Silk Road trips for longer, since this country hides treasures, much more than its size, from the great period of Silk Road? So, today we will be heading towards north part of Kyrgyzstan to Naryn province.

This province is one of the farthest from civilization region in the country. This makes it almost unbelievable that at the time of Silk Road’s prosperity, there was a hotel in that area! What I mean by this is the ancient caravanserai, called Tash-Rabat. It is really very hard to actually find that old inn among the hills and mountains of Naryn. Once you find, it may surprise you how great it looks despite so many centuries it went through. It is situated on the height of 3200 meters and served as a cozy shelter for the traders of foreign countries.

In some sources, it is said that Tash-Rabat was built as a Buddhist temple and later was turned into caravanserai. Others say that the local governor Muhammed Khan ordered its construction. Whatever the history is, the work is really worth praises. This is why tourists still keep visiting the place without worrying about the hardships on the way, just to experience the ancient Silk Road travels.

Welcome to Bazaar!

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We will go on exploring ancient Osh city and now it is time to introduce you to one of the must-see places there. Finding that famous place is not that hard – ask for Osh bazaar right on both sides of Ak Buura river, you will get there easy by any mini bus or taxi. Do not mind some pictures of it? Then click here!

Osh Bazaar is probably one of the first places the foreign visitors would love to see in the city, since this kind of bazaars are getting more and more rare and are being replaced by modern shopping malls and supermarket. Bazaar of Osh was able to remain till our days with the same spirit as in times of Great Silk Road. There are many walkways in that “labytrinth” of different shops filled with spices, sweets, fresh veggies and fruits, any kind of clothing and necessities for home – shortly said, EVERYTHING!

What else gives much joy during shopping in the bazaar is a chance of bargaining. Learning a couple words in Kyrgyz will not hurt either. Instead, it may even melt the local hearts and be more generous in bargaining!